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Annual Reports
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2011 Annual Report
File Name 2011 Annual Report_10062011WS.pdf
Short Description DWD Annual Report Highlights Innovations in Service Delivery, Disaster Response
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Created 10/03/2011 14:46 - Mike Waltman
Revised Date 10/13/2011 00:00 - David Keckler


The 2011 Annual Report of the Division of Workforce Development, released this week, discusses significant program innovations during Program Year 2010 (PY10) with implementation of the Next Generation Career Center service-delivery model and the policy changes that enhance that model. The impact of the Next Generation model is dramatic in the real number of customers who have been registered and served in a truly integrated system. The number of Missourians receiving staff-assisted services during PY10 was 307,212—more than 13 times the number served in the previous year. The annual report also describes the responsiveness of the workforce system to tornado- and flood-induced unemployment through the implementation of the Disaster Recovery Jobs Program. Other report highlights include advances in services for targeted populations and the expanded use of social media for public outreach.