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  This PowerPoint can be used by Career Center Trade Reps to provide basic Trade Act information on benefits and services to new Trade clients certified under Trade 2011 petitions.
DWD Documents | Training PowerPoint Presentations  2 days ago
  This is the new PowerPoint that will be used to train Trade Reps. It replaces the "In-Person Trade Act Training PowerPoint". Reflects DWD-PO-240
DWD Documents | Training PowerPoint Presentations  2 days ago
  step by step on submitting automatic PO 84 in Toolbox
DWD Documents | Desk Aids  2 days ago
  Provides framework revisions to continue to guide the workforce system toward implementation of the Next Generation Career Center (NGCC) model in alignment with new WIOA law. Includes 1 Attachment. Rescinds and replaces DWD Issuance 05-2009 (2009-11-05). Effective date: 2015-03-03.
DWD Documents | Issuances  5 days ago
  Final plan as approved by U.S. Department of Labor Employment and Training Administration 2012-11-15. Now includes PY 2014 final negotiated statewide performance goals, ITA waiver, and PY 2014 Agricultural Outreach Plan.
DWD Documents | WIA - State Plans  15 days ago
  Guidance for Local Workforce Investment Boards on funding limits and reporting of WIA PY2014 funds for WIOA transitional activities. Includes 1 Attachment. (Rescinds and replaces DWD Issuance 08-2014 [2015-01-09]). Effective 2014-02-02.
DWD Documents | Issuances  19 days ago
  Communicates DWD standard for corrective and remedial actions for violations of WIA nondiscrimination and EO provisions in Section 188 or 29 CFR Part 37. Applies to any entity receiving financial assistance under WIA Title I, either directly through the Department or through another recipient. Includes 1 Attachment. (Rescinds and replaces DWD Issuance 07-2010 [2011-02-01]). Effective 2014-12-30.
DWD Documents | Issuances  19 days ago
  Guidance specific to DWD's obligation to ensure LEP individuals have meaningful access to all programs and services and are able to participate effectively regardless of their ability to speak, read, write, or understand English. Includes 2 attachments. (Rescinds and replaces DWD Issuance 23-2009 [2010-03-11]). Effective 2014-12-12.
DWD Documents | Issuances  19 days ago
Desk Aid information sheet on enrolling veterans in Toolbox 2
DWD Documents | Desk Aids  12/18/2014
MODES-4640-R update!
DES form used for RTAA Requests.
DWD Forms | Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA)  12/18/2014
DWD-PO-0150 update!
Missouri Veteran Questionaire
DWD Forms | Veterans  12/18/2014
  This folder, which carries a separate insertion, succeeds and replaces DWD-PO-68, the Rapid Response/Resources for Reemployment "Help is Here" folder. All copies of the latter should be removed from use immediately.
DWD Forms | Employment Transition Team Services  11/05/2014
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Missouri Division of Workforce Development is an equal opportunity employer/program.
Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities.
Missouri TTY Users can call (800) 735-2966 or dial 7-1-1.

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